Interaction design is the art of instigating and guiding behaviors” Valli, A. (2008)


Natural interaction is defined in terms of experience: people naturally communicate through gestures, expressions, movements, and discover the world by looking around and manipulating physical stuff.” Valli, A. (2008)


“Simplicity leads to an easier and more sustainable relationship with media and technology.” Valli, A. (2008)


“The higher the level of abstraction of the interface, the higher the cognitive effort required for more interaction.” Valli, A. (2008)


“One of the characteristics of a successful natural interface is thus the reduction of cognitive load on people interacting with it” Valli, A. (2008)


“With NUI, computing devices will adapt to our needs and preferences for the first time and humans will begin to use technology in whatever way is most comfortable and natural for us.” The bill gates


“NUIs promise to reduce the barriers to computing still further, while simultaneously increasing the power of the user, and enabling computing to access still further niches of use.” (wigdor & Wixon, 2011)


Kinect gestural UI: first impressions - Kinect presents a far more advanced gesture-based user experience than any previous system seen outside the fancy research labs." (Nielsen, 2010)


Mundo virtual/ambiente virtual "A synchronous, persistent network of people, represented as avatars, facilitated by networked computers." (Bell, 2008)


Interaction Design is the art of facilitating interactions between humans through products and services” (Saffer, 2007)


"The user data provided by OpenNI gives an application accurate information on the position of each user’s joints (head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, chest, hips, knees, ankles, and feet) at all times while they’re using the application. " (Borenstein, 2011)


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